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How to set up a personal web page

  • In addition to the instructions below you should also read the university document on Creating a Home Page. Any queries about the server that hosts personal web pages should be addressed to the University webmaster (the Departmental webmaster does not have general access to the server that holds personal web pages).
  • Use your favourite software to create a web site on your own Mac (if you need any assistance with this contact the Departmental webmaster). Template files in the (old) departmental style are available for download (but you are not obliged to use these); there are two styles to choose from one with, and one without, a navigation bar on the left. The front page for your site should be called index.html.

  • Select Connect to Server under the Go menu in the Finder and connect to smb:// where username should be replaced by your personal user name (which will begin with ma) - see the images below.

  • When you are connected to the server, place the web pages you have created in the folder webpages; the file index.html must not be within a subfolder.

  • The url for your web site will be - please check in your browser that the site displays correctly.
  • Inform the Departmental webmaster (who will need to know your username) so that a link to your page from the Departmental web site can be set up.


You should ensure that any images used in your web pages are optimised for web viewing. This can be done in the following way:

  • Open the image in Adobe Photoshop.

  • Under the File menu select Save for Web.

  • In the Save for Web window select an appropriate file type for your image (usually JPG for photos and either GIF or PNG for anything else; for most photos a JPG quality of High or Very High is fine).

  • Click the Image Size tab, enter appropriate dimensions for your image, and then click Apply.

  • Save the image.

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