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Guidelines for programme tutors


The role of the programme tutor is to ensure the smooth running of the programme and the success of students. Specific duties include:-

  • Assist with the preparation of publicity documents.
  • Liaise with the admissions tutor and assist with interviewing and showing round potential students, as required.
  • Ensure that students receive copies of regulations, programme handbooks and module specifications.
  • Organise documentation on option choices and assist students with their choices.
  • Monitor attendance and performance of students.
  • Take any necessary action over matters arising from Staff-Student Committee meetings, from Personal Tutors, or from any other representations made by students. Report the result of all actions to the next meeting of the committee and ensure that these actions are properly minuted.
  • Prepare the reports on the programme for the annual and periodic programme reviews.
  • Make recommendations for modifications to the programme structure, modules, assessment, etc. when appropriate. Prepare programme regulations and update the web site for prospective students as appropriate.
  • Liaise with other staff over transfers of students.
  • For combined programmes, liaise regularly with staff in other department(s) involved with the programme.
  • Organise the collection of programme feedback. It is suggested that this is done with the assistance of the student representatives for each programme.

The Senior Programme Tutor ( should be consulted about any cross-programme difficulties.

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