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The preprint archive


The preprint archive exists to publicise the quality and breadth of the research output of the School of Mathematics. All staff and research students in the School are strongly encouraged to submit their research papers to the archive prior to publication.

Three types of link may appear on the archive pages:

  1. A link to a file held in the School archive on the university web server. You are encouraged to always submit files to the School archive so that printed copies can be displayed in the foyer.

  2. A link to a file held in an external archive. Please provide the full URL.

  3. A link to details of the published paper. Please provide the Digital Object Identifier (doi) which normally appears on the first page of a published paper. (For information about the doi system see the International DOI Foundation site.)

The third link type will appear only as an adjunct to one or both of the first two.

Submissions should be made by email to the webmaster. In your email please include the title and authors in the format used in the archive pages, for example "A really good new result by I.A.M. Clever" (NOT written entirely in upper case letters); this will significantly reduce the chances of typographical errors appearing on the web pages or on the cover of the printed version.

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