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The role of the moderator


Setting an examination

Format of examination papers

Marking an examination

Feedback on examinations

Setting and marking coursework

Issuing coursework information

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Feedback on coursework

Resit coursework

Setting and organising tests

Marking by research students



Each assessed module has a moderator assigned whose role is as follows:

  • Check that all questions on an examination paper are of a similar and appropriate standard (see the guidelines for examiners). Use the previous year's paper and average mark as a guide in your assessment of the paper; ask the responsible examiner for these if they have not been provided.

  • Ensure that all examination questions are well presented, contain no ambiguities, that the answers are correct and that the marks allocation is correctly shown on the paper or coursework.

  • Ensure that the solutions provided are in a suitable form to be forwarded to the external examiner (see the guidelines for examiners).

  • Ensure that all coursework and class test questions are of an appropriate standard, are well presented, and contain no ambiguities.

  • Check that the module syllabus is adequately covered (taking into account the examination papers, coursework and class test as appropriate) and that the marking schemes used are appropriate.

  • Check that the exam paper has been typed correctly.

  • Double mark a selection (about 10% or 5, which ever is the larger) of both examination and coursework scripts (as appropriate) to check that the marking has been carried out correctly. The scripts selected for double marking should sample the whole range of marks and include the scripts of any students whose overall mark for the module is one or two per cent below the pass mark. On an examination script this double marking should be clearly indicated (perhaps by a series of ticks) in green ink and the front of the examination booklet should be initialled. In the event that significant errors in the marking are discovered a larger sample should be double marked in order to ascertain if the errors are widespread. If this is the case then the scripts should be returned to the examiner for remarking.

  • Check the addition of marks on ALL marked scripts and make any necessary corrections in green ink.

  • Check that marks have been transferred to the marks sheet correctly.

  • Liaise with the responsible examiner over any adjustment of marks that may be required and recommend this to the department.

In the event of a disagreement between the examiner and moderator the matter should be referred to the Teaching Coordinator (

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