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Guidelines for module lecturers

Staff handbook: Guidelines for

The role of the module lecturer has the following aspects:

  • Teach the material in the module specification by means of formal lectures, computer laboratories and/or any other appropriate technique. It is important to follow the module specification as material may be needed by subsequent modules. Any problems with the syllabus should be reported to the Teaching Coordinator (

  • Set and mark coursework if and when appropriate, ensuring that students are aware of any deadlines; return marked coursework to students within four weeks of collection. There are separate documents on the role of the examiner in setting and marking a coursework assignment and on the administrative aspects of setting coursework assignments.

  • Set and mark examinations if and when appropriate. There are separate documents on the the role of the examiner in setting and marking an examination.

  • Give out example sheets to students; provide copies of example sheets with full solutions to those giving tutorials on the module; inform tutors which examples students should have done each week. (To help students with dyslexia, the text of all materials distributed to students should be prepared in TeXShop using the approved sans-serif font "cmbright" - Keith Watling will be able to help staff unfamiliar with the use of this font.)

  • Issue and collect student feedback forms for the module. Adequate time (about 10 minutes) should be allowed during a lecture for students to complete the feedback forms. Students should not be expected to complete the forms while a lecture is in progress. After reading the forms, staff should pass them on to the general office for statistical analysis.

  • In the event of illness, the Administrative Assistant should be informed as soon as possible so that students can be informed of any changes. If major reorganization is required this will be the responsibility of the Teaching Coordinator.

  • All lecturers are strongly encouraged to give students access to module materials through the LEARN server (the system is accessed using the standard user ID and email password); any lecturer who is unfamiliar with the system should consult the Teaching Coordinator.

  • See also the separate document on Good Teaching Practice.

Additional guidelines for lecturers whose modules are covered by the small-group tutor scheme

  • Find out who is tutoring your module (The Administrative Assistant will be able to give you this information).

  • Give exercise sheets to tutors well in advance. This should be at least one week before you hand them out to students.

  • Ensure that full solutions are included. Yes, the problems may be easy, and yes, we can all do them ourselves, but tutors need to know how you expect the students to answer your problems. Even when students are asked in a problem to come up with an answer, do not just quote the answer. Instead indicate also how the answer is arrived at. If in doubt, err on the side of too much rather than too little.

  • Keep the tutors up to date by telling them what you are covering in lectures and problems classes each week.

  • Remember that the tutor will not have been in your lectures and so will not know your particular habits or version of the subject. Thus you should warn in advance about your preferred notation or version of a method or proof. Again, make sure you include detailed solutions to your problems so that tutors can know your way of doing things. Of course it can be instructive for students to see the same problem done in two different ways, but it is more important that they understand at least one!

  • There are separate guidelines for small-group tutors.

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