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The University now requires that generic feedback should be given on all modules that are assessed entirely or predominantly by examination. 

Such generic feedback should be given either by email to all students registered for the module or by making it available on LEARN. Since generic comments on examinations may also be of interest to students who take the module in the following year, making it available on LEARN is recommended. 

Following the assessment process and publication of the results, general feedback to each student on their overall performance in assessments should be via their personal tutor. Tutors can obtain information from the CIS database.

Students sometimes contact individual examiners to request details of their performance and in some instances query the marks awarded. It is felt that the External Examiners' involvement and our examination and moderation policy safeguard students in this respect and staff have the authority to tell students that their script will not be re-marked, and that, apart from the generic feedback that will be provided, no individual feedback other than the overall mark can be given.

Real grievances must however be investigated. If there is any doubt that the marks awarded have been correctly recorded, the responsible examiner should

  • ask the Adminstrative Officer to retrieve the student's script from the archive, and

  • check that the marks have been correctly recorded.

Should any discrepancy be detected the responsible examiner should notify the Administrative Officer who will take the necessary actions to ensure that the student's record is corrected and the student notified accordingly. Otherwise the examiner should inform students that their exam script has been checked and confirm that there is no mistake in the exam mark. Marked examination scripts should not be shown to students.

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