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Marking an examination


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Marking an examination

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The examiner's role in the marking of an examination has the following aspects:

  • Mark the examination scripts in red ink on every page on which the student has written. For the benefit of the moderator and external examiner all numerical marks should be entered in the left-hand margin.

  • Marks should be shown for all sections, not just those that the student has answered.

  • The total number of marks for each question should be given both inside the answer booklet and on the front cover.

  • Fill in mark sheets for (where appropriate) both examination and coursework components and hand these to the Administrative Assistant. For both examinations and coursework a mark out of 100 is required. Exam marking is anonymous so care should be taken to ensure that all marks are correctly transferred according to the students' ID numbers.

  • Attend appropriate meetings to discuss and approve marks.

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