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Guidelines for examiners and moderators: Notes


Setting an examination

Format of examination papers

Marking an examination

Feedback on examinations

Setting and marking coursework

Issuing coursework information

Submission of coursework

Return of coursework

Feedback on coursework

Resit coursework

Setting and organising tests

Marking by research students



Queries about the assessment process

Academic queries concerning assessment should be directed to the Teaching Coordinator ( Other queries about examinations and coursework should be directed to the Administrative Assistant (

External examiners

During the examination process, contact with external examiners on examination business should only be through the Head of Department or the Administrative Assistant.

Availability during examinations

Examiners are required to make appropriate arrangements to answer queries during the time an examination is sat. The examiner should do one of the following.

  • Be in their office so that they may be contacted on their internal telephone number for the duration of the examination.
  • Leave an alternative telephone number with the Administrative Assistant on which they may be contacted for the duration of the examination.
  • Make arrangements for the moderator to be contacted instead (in which case the Administrative Assistant must be informed beforehand).

Target marks

The average mark for each module should fall in the range 55%-65% for all modules; no more than 10% of the students should be awarded a mark below 40%.

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