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Coursework header document

Receipts are part of a general purpose coursework header document available from the General Office (W1.83). Students will be free to collect these themselves although it may be more convenient for the internal examiner to issue them along with the specific coursework documentation. The header document is to be included as the front page of the coursework.

Scheme A

Coursework is handed in to the General Office (W1.83); this is the preferred scheme .

A member of the secretarial staff will sign and date the partially completed tear-off receipt and return it to the person submitting the coursework.

The secretarial staff will store the coursework and arrange for its collection by the internal examiner who is to confirm the pieces of coursework being collected (for example by ticking off the names on a module list.)

Scheme B

Coursework is collected by the examiner; this may be appropriate when there are a large number of students each submitting a small piece of work.

The coursework documentation issued to students is to include the School's coursework header, which the student can partially complete, for the internal examiner (or an assistant) to sign and return on receiving the coursework.

The internal examiner (or assistant) is to have a module enrollment list (or other suitable list) on which to record work collected as it is received.

Scheme A is recommended for modules for Mathematics single and combined honours students and for all major pieces of work.

Scheme B may be appropriate for some service-teaching modules.

Schemes A and B must not both be used for the same piece of coursework.

Late submission

In both schemes it is the responsibility of the member of staff (secretarial or academic) who receives the coursework from the student to ensure that any LATE work is clearly marked as such.

It is the policy of the School that coursework extensions are NOT granted for modules with MA codes. In the event that a student is unable to submit a coursework by the published deadline because of illness or other good cause, they should submit a claim for impaired performance to the department that administers their programme of study. In all cases of a missed coursework deadline the student concerned will receive zero marks in the first instance, although this may be revised by the Board of Examiners in the light of any claim for impaired performance.

The only exception to the above is that the internal examiner has the discretion to grant an extension to a deadline if a student is unable to complete a computer-based test because of technical problems.

When the whole coursework component of a module has a weight of 40% or more of the total assessment, a student may submit work up to seven days late for the sole purpose of obtaining feedback from the internal examiner. As noted above no mark will be awarded unless a claim for impaired performance is upheld.

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