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Unless special arrangements have been made, the internal examiner should deliver marked coursework to be returned to students to the General Office W1.83, together with a list of names of the students to whom coursework is to be returned. (A module list indicating those included and any missing would be sufficient.)

  • Any coursework that has to be moderated will not be returned to students unless the moderator has confirmed in writing that a sample of the scripts has been double marked (the form here should be used for this purpose).

  • The internal examiner should arrange for students to be advised when marked coursework is available for collection.

  • Coursework not collected within SIX MONTHS of the scheduled return date will be returned to the internal examiner for disposal in whatever way she or he deems appropriate.

In addition internal examiners should note the following.

  • Samples of student scripts may be needed in any future assessment of the School's teaching. Thus, for each coursework assignment, copies of a sample of scripts should be made retained by the internal examiner for a period of three years. The sample should cover the range of abilities; five or six scripts would normally be sufficient. The marking scheme and evidence of written feedback should also be retained.

  • An individual student's work may be needed by the external examiner(s) either in borderline cases or as a part of a representative sample. In that case, the student's work should be photocopied and the copy returned to the student.

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