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The internal examiner of each module which has a coursework component must issue a specific document (perhaps on the LEARN page for the module) outlining the coursework, the deadline(s), the method of submission, and the form in which feedback will be provided. If the coursework is not to be submitted to the general office, then the examiner must also arrange the preparation of handing-in receipts.

University guidelines state the following:

"Internal Examiners shall provide students with information about the timing of coursework assignments (a) in writing within the first two weeks of one- and two-semester modules and on the first day of block-taught modules and (b) when an assignment is handed out. This should identify whichever of the following dates are relevant to the assignment in question: when it will be set; when it will be undertaken; when it will be submitted; when marks will be released; when feedback will be provided; when it will be returned."

Although the School may compile a coursework timetable it remains the responsibility of the internal examiner to ensure that all of the above is carried out.

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