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The role of the examiner in setting and marking coursework


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The Examiner's role in the setting and marking of coursework has the following aspects:

  • Set the coursework assigments for which they are responsible. The assignments should be at a level of difficulty that aims to yield an average mark for the module in the range 55-65%.

  • To help students with dyslexia, the text of coursework specifications should be prepared in TeXShop using the approved sans-serif font "cmbright" (Keith Watling will be able to help staff unfamiliar with the use of this font).

  • Ensure that each coursework assignment and class test is moderated before being given to students. These should be accompanied by standard solutions together with a detailed marking scheme. The solutions must be complete so that the requirements of the courseworks are clear to the moderator.

  • For each coursework component in excess of 20% of the assessment, the answers submitted must also be moderated exactly as for examinations.

  • For cases in which research students are employed to help with the marking of coursework, the responsible examiner must moderate the marking before the scripts are returned to the students.

  • Be aware of the School coursework code of practice and of the University coursework code of practice.

  • Take reasonable steps to ensure that every student taking the module is aware of the School coursework code of practice (every student receives the Coursework code of Practice in the Departmental Student Handbook).

  • Ensure that adequate feedback is given to students (see the separate guidelines on feedback).

  • For modules that are assessed 100% by coursework, and are taken by second or further year students, copy a sample of scripts that can be made available to the External Examiner. The sample should be large enough to cover adequately the range of marks. The marking scheme and evidence of written feedback should also be retained.

  • Fill in mark sheets for the coursework components and hand these to the Administrative Assistant; a mark out of 100 is required.

  • Attend appropriate meetings to discuss and approve marks.

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