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TV Card

Hello All,

I just got myself an AverMedia TV (AverTV) card, although not really to
watch tv on, mainly to transfer video from some old VHS tapes.

Anyway, I thought I would give the tuner a raz just to see if it worked.
Not having a tv antenna, I used a length of old wire and stuffed it in
the antenna socket.

Unfortunately, this was not good enough to get any kind of tv signal,
but I noticed that the Linux drivers do not impose any kind of limits on
the frequency range selected.

I soon realised it is possible to tune this card to any frequency
between 1Khz and 900MHz.

Having a little tune around, I was able to receive all the FM radio
stations. The ironic thing here is that I could have bought the next
model up which supported FM radio and was about twice the price. 

Anyway, above the commercial FM radio band (88-108MHz) is the air band,
and it is possible to listen to aircraft. I can also get the East
Midlands Airport ground repeater. It can pick up PMR446 walkie talkies
and also the police!

This is really quite cool for saying it is just a low end TV card.

The card is obviously not designed to be used as a scanner, I have
noticed that the frequency has an offset for instance to receive a radio
station at 107MHz I have to set the TV card to 99950KHz. This offset is
due to the fact that the audio signal for TV signals is transmitted
about 7MHz higher than the video signal. Also, the audio signal for TV
transmissions is in FM Wide format which has a deviation of +/- 75KHz.
When tuning the card to lower frequencies, it is possible to be
receiving from more than one station at once.

Craig Shelley <craig@microtron.org.uk>

Homepage: <http://www.microtron.org.uk>