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Cool-Icam micro camera

I nipped into Argos on the way in this morning and accidently wrote the
catalogue number for the Icam on one of their order forms. :-)  Its
currently sitting on top of my P166 in the office.  Its a little larger
that Paul's little jobbie, but it does have a lens guard, comes with a
stand to run it as a webcam (during which time it is powered by the USB
connection, so it isn't using up batteries), batteries, a "hanging hook"
(aka belt clip), USB cable and (spit spit) Windows and Mac software.  Of
course I've completely ignored the last of those and plugged it straight
into a Linux box. :-) 

The Linux USB support tells me that its an STMicroelectronics dual mode
digital camera, which makes me think "CPiA" (see
<URL:http://webcam.sourceforge.net/>).  Unfortunately Sourceforge is
currently down for maintenance so I can't grab the driver to check.  D'oh!

One thing to note is that the Argos page is just a tad misleading.  This
camera ISN'T 640x480 - its 352x288 that is software enhanced to VGA.
That's pretty dodgy advertising in my book - I could write some software
that could "enhance" it to 1024x768 but it will still look cack because
the real resolution is 352x288.  Ho hum.  Twas only 40 quid I guess.

Tatty bye,