Configuring a Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP computer

If you do not use the Staff Desktop Service, you need to configure your computer so that you can place your documents on the Intranet. If you do use that service, you may also wish to map a drive to the Intranet for your convenience.

Accessing the Intranet

You can set this up in one of two ways - as a drive mapping which connects to the Intranet (in a similar way to your U: drive), or as a desktop icon which is a shortcut to the Intranet.

Map Network Drive

In Windows Explorer, select Tools -> Map Network Drive.

Set the Drive to be I: (unless it is in use already, in which case pick another letter, for example N:). Set the Path to be

as shown above. Make sure that Reconnect at logon is selected (as above). Your area on the Intranet will now open up. This drive mapping will be setup each time you start your PC.

Desktop Icon

Right click on the desktop, and choose New -> Shortcut from the menu.


as the Command line e.g.
as shown above, and choose the Next button:


as the name for the shortcut as shown above. Then click Finish. You will now have a desktop icon (looking like a folder Icon ) which is a link to the Intranet server. This icon should appear on your desktop each time you start your PC. If it disappears for some reason then just follow the above instructions again.

You are now connected to the Intranet ! When you open the shortcut on your desktop, or the drive which you have mapped, you will see the directories into which you can place your materials :-

By default, you will have 3 directories in your home folder :-

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