Configuring a UNIX computer

These instructions apply to most types of UNIX e.g. Solaris and the various Linux distributions (Caldera, RedHat, Slackware, Debian, SUSE etc.)

Accessing the Intranet

To put documents on to the Intranet you can use the Samba client software smbclient. This is installed by default on most Linux installations. Samba can be downloaded from

To connect using smbclient give the command line :-

smbclient \\\\internal\\your-user-id -U your-user-id

where your-user-id is your normal user id e.g. cczzz

smbclient \\\\internal\\cczzz -U cczzz

You will then be asked for your password. This is your staffi password.

You can then transfer files using commands similar to ftp (e.g. put and get). For help on those commands, give the command :-

man smbclient

at your unix prompt, or give the command :-


at the smb: \> prompt.

Note for users who have been migrated to the LUNET domain:
You will need to enter your username as

as otherwise the system will check your password against the LBORO domain.

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