Restricting access to documents

You should already have gone through the procedures on how to configure your computer to put files on the Intranet.

By default, you will have 3 folders in your home folder :-

The first 2 classes of folder are available in each section of the Intranet by default. You can create the third class of folder using a web interface. This allows you to restrict access to that folder, and set who can read and write to it. Anyone who can write to it can read it by default, but you can also add extra "readers", so that specific registered members or groups within the University can access it both on and off-campus using their username and password.

If you wish add extra readers at a later date, then there are some simple steps to follow :-

  1. Open your web browser, and browse to your department's web pages on the Intranet
  2. View the restricted documents listing for your section of the Intranet
  3. You should see a listing such as the one below :-

Listing of /computing

    Name                       Last Modified         Size     Description      ACL

[DIR] Parent Directory 21-Jun-1999 13:55 - [FILE] header.gif 9-Jul-1999 9:09 11k file * [FILE] index.html 11-Jul-1999 15:30 1k file * [DIR] ie5 9-Jul-1999 12:56 - directory *

  1. Edit the Access Control list for your folder by clicking on the * for the folder in the right hand column. You should see a screen such as the one below :-

Access Control Editor

Editing access controls for: ""
(also known as the file "/usr/local/apache/share/htdocs.internal/diss/cc/test.html")

Allow users:

Allow groups:

Apply these restrictions to:
this file, or
the whole directory

  1. You can list the readers who you wish to add in the first box by entering their usernames separated by a space e.g.
    ccrg ccjch adjsw lbasm
  2. Or you can list groups of users separated by a space e.g.
    cc lb co
    (Further help on groups will be made available)
  3. Select if you wish to apply these restrictions to all files in the directory, or just this particular file and click Apply restrictions
  4. Your new readers will be added to the folder !

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Last Updated : August 1999