Project Details

The Intranet Service

The new Intranet service will hold materials that are intended for use within the university.

Most materials on this service will be access controlled, so that documents which are internal to a group will be visible only to members of that group. The owner of a document will be able to control who can access the document. It is hoped that this will facilitate group working.

The Internet Service

This will be a continuation of the existing www.lboro service and will focus on providing information about the university to those outside the university, such as prospective students and potential industrial collaborators. Some significant reorganisation will take place, as the publicity materials are revised and existing internal materials are moved to the new Intranet service.


Much of the technical work has been completed.

The project is evaluating the needs of information providers on campus using focus groups to provide feedback on proposals. Once this analysis is complete a final design revision will be produced.

Currently the Intranet service is being pilot tested by two service departments and will soon be made available to a wider audience.


The Internet/Intranet Project nominally runs until the end of October 1999. Computing Services will be supporting the new Intranet service for six months beyond that date but support for the longer term is not currently settled.

23 September 1999